The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien

Recommended for: those who enjoy war novels and/or memoirs

Read from May 12 to 27, 2014


I'm not a big fan of war books, but this one was definitely different. This could potentially be a spoiler, so view at your own risk:

it turns out that O'Brien made up most of the book's content--definitely a twist on a typical "memoir" but this made the book interesting, as it is implied that the whole truth does not really matter; the audience will by more intrigued by "story truth".

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I enjoyed how the book included some completely honest thoughts from O'Brien. However, I disliked how the novel was not written chronologically. I think it would have been easier to follow if it had. And I especially liked the ending, I guess because it felt honest...anyway, if you like war books, read it.